The BSMD is working with Clinical and Academic Consultant Dermatologists around the UK to help define a list of fellowships in Medical Dermatology.

There are many dermatologists across the UK who run joint clinics with other specialties and who are happy to accommodate interested trainees. Trainees who wish to develop a particular area of medical dermatology at a higher level should negotiate locally with individual consultants to arrange a programme of training. Please also involve your educational supervisors.
We envisage several ways in which trainees can gain greater exposure to areas of medical dermatology:
• Attendance at a joint clinic on a regular basis for a period of 3-6 months -depending on the frequency of the clinic (bimonthly/monthly etc).
• One to Two week attachment to a Department with a particular area of expertise (eg Complex psoriasis and biologics clinic)
• A fixed timetabled fellowship attachment for 6-12 months

These types of fellowship could be taken as study leave or an out of programme experience (OOPE), depending on your previous exposure to the subspecialist area, the availability of training in your own region and negotiation with your STC chair and deanery. We hope in due course to have funding in place for this type of fellowship but at the time of writing this is not yet established. If you are interested, you would need to seek funding e.g. through the BAD. Although these are intended for dermatology trainees, during the formative period of this training programme, please feel free to express an interest even if you are not a dermatology trainee.

A list of consultants who run joint clinics and would be happy to accommodate trainees is available.

Submitted British Society for Medical Dermatology Fellowships:

More information click here: for email contacts of Fellowship supervisors, please email the BSMD secretary.